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A unique answer to anthracnose.

PCNB isn’t new, but it delivers a novel mode of action against anthracnose. Combining it with tebuconazole in Premion gives you the foundation for an effective rotation program.

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SUREPYC Herbicide

A swift kick to the nutsedge.

Control yellow nutsedge and green kyllinga with symptoms visible within 24-48 hours. With AI sulfentrazone, Surepyc can be applied to both cool- and warm-season turfgrasses. And with dual modes of uptake through roots and leaves, you’ll deliver a more effective strike every time.

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Scepter T&O 70WDG Herbicide

Control weeds. And costs.

Discover a new warm-season turf herbicide that features the first post-patent imazaquin, delivering broad-spectrum control of sedges and other weeds, dual modes of uptake through roots and leaves—and of course, a better bang for your buck.

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Previa Prevents Disease.

The latest fungicide from AMVAC, Previa is used in preventive applications to provide effective control of listed turfgrass diseases. A broad-spectrum contact fungicide, Previa is armed with chlorothalonil, a standard for broad-spectrum disease control. When it comes to turfgrass, Previa means prevention.

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Active Ingredient: abamectin
Regulatory approval pending

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