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You’ll have a chance to win a Four-Seasons Resort get-away package and more. It’s our way of introducing you to new combinations of active ingredients, new rotation programs—and new, outstanding trial results from the longstanding active, PCNB. In the meantime, watch our video on PCNB’s effectiveness against anthracnose below, plus sign up for rotation programs combating this and other tough diseases year-round.

Watch the Proven Power of PCNB in action.

Chuck Silcox, Ph.D. and Product Development Manager at AMVAC, shares the noteworthy trial results of PCNB against snow mold, anthracnose and more.

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Previa Fungicide

Previa Prevents Disease.

Previa fungicide is used in preventive applications to provide effective control of listed turfgrass diseases. A broad-spectrum contact fungicide, Previa is armed with chlorothalonil, a standard for broad-spectrum disease control. When it comes to turfgrass, Previa means prevention.

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Turfcide Fungicide

Break the snow mold.

Turfcide is armed with PCNB for effective control of pink and gray snow molds—as well as other soil-borne diseases. Available in both Granular (Turfcide 10G) and liquid (Turfcide 400) formulations. Proven control. Peace of mind. That’s Turfcide.

Turfcide 10G Specimen Label

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PREMION Fungicide

Answer anthracnose with a four-letter word.

PCNB. It isn’t new. But discovering that it delivers a novel mode of action against anthracnose? That’s big. Combining it with tebuconazole in Premion gives you the foundation for an effective rotation program.

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